Bennie Veldman

Band/Affiliation: The Veldman Brothers

Product: Hammond XK-5, Hammond SK1-73, Leslie

“The first time I played the Hammond XK-5 I fell in love with it! It felt as if I was playing an old Hammond Tonewheel. With it’s 4 physical drawbars set and it’s extremely realistic B3 sound and feel the XK-5 is the ultimate Hammond for On The Road! “

The Dutch Bluesman Bennie Veldman is a well-liked Blues Musician in the Dutch Blues-scene.

He started his musical carieer when he was 12 years old and after studying Classical Organ for 4 years he quickly became addicted to the Blues. First as a guitar player but later as a Hammondplayer.
He has been playing these past  14 year together with his Brother in the successful Dutch Blues & Roots Band The Veldman Brothers. Winner of the Dutch Blues awards 2012.
In 2012 Bennie recieved also personal 2 awards for “Best Dutch Blues Keyboardplayer 2012′ and  “Best Dutch Blues Harmonicaplayer 2012”
Just two of many accomplishments in an impressive list of Awards & Nominations.