Morten ‘Morty’ Sorensen

Band/Affiliation: Leo & The Lineup

Product: SK1-73 with Leslie 3300

“The SK-1 73 with my Leslie 3300 is a dream come true. With the extra sounds it is all I need to get through any gig”

Born in Denmark in 1979 Morten grew up in a family with no big interest in music.

It wasn’t until 1996 when he fell in love with the ska and reggae music his career started. First in the high school band “The Kentucky luckies” and as the years passed a few other bands and projects came along.

It was always the organ that had his big interest, in the early days when money was short he use to hall an old 85 pounds “Fun machine” organ to every gig.

Later he moved on to various stage organs but it wasn’t until the got his first Hammond organ he really felt he found “his own sound”.

Morten is currently with the Danish/American ska, reggae and soul band “Leo & The Lineup” with whom he has been touring all over Europe for about 4 years. Leo & The Lineup´s second album is scheduled to be released in 2014.