Mallory Lennon

Band/Affiliation: Mallory Lennon Band

Product: Sk-1

Born and raised in Chicago, Mallory Lennon is a universal musical muse. Just barely edging over the playful age of twenty one, she is a noise making, tambourine shaking, guitar playing, key pressing, banjo plucking hippie child that strives to make words seem alive. Her penchant for the written word and the power of music make her music passionate and real. She has performed all over the United States, including proclaimed events such as the Sundance film Festival in Park City, Utah, and Abbey Road on the River in Louisville, Kentucky. Mallory has recorded and performed with greats like Liberty Devitto, former drummer of Billy Joel, Mike Reno of Loverboy, and Rik Emmett of Triumph.

“I think that this sound, this album, is a vectorized personification of my authentic self. It’s taken me ages to unravel the colors and whimsies of who I am, and this album is a direct representation of all that I’ve been, all that I am, and everything I can become.”

Tracks like, “Sweeter than Wine,” and “Mountain Song” sing to her sweet, delicate melodies, while efforts like, “Wind and Fire” and “Higher they Climb,” whisper the sultry somber that her voice lends itself to. Lennon is set to release her debut album in the Fall of 2014