Lachy Doley

Band/Affiliation: The Lachy Doley Group

Product: XK-3c, Hammond C3, Leslie 145, Leslie 860 


“There is nothing like the power of a great Hammond underneath your finger tips. It can scream, it can shimmer, it can make you dance and make you cry. Still the most expressive instrument ever made”

Dubbed the Jimi Hendrix of the Hammond Organ, Lachy Doley is the most celebrated

Blues Soul Rock Organ Player in the world today. A player who can pump, pamper and

occasionally pound the most unbelievable sounds from a keyboard: sounds that are

intense, ferocious and sometimes transcendent.

Recently going viral on Facebook with videos clocking up millions of views. His version of

the Bill Wither’s classic USE ME is now sitting at 1.6 MILLION Facebook views alone.

Lachy Doley has seen much of the world, recording and touring with acts as diverse as

Powderfinger, Glenn Hughes, Steve Vai, Jimmy Barnes, The Beautiful Girls – more

recently recording on a new album of Joe Bonamassa’s which came out in early 2015. It

was 2010 though, that saw the birth of  THE LACHY DOLEY GROUP and they have been

heavily recording and touring ever since.

The group’s latest album CONVICTION has taken Doley onto the world stage reaching #5

on the UK Blues Broadcasters Charts, #1 on the Australian iTunes Blues Charts and #1 on

the Australian Blues & Roots Airplay Charts. Along with 2 Tours of Europe, the UK and the

USA, Doley has cemented himself as one of the worlds

The Lachy Doley Group are a unique and refreshing sound in Blues today. A power trio

consisting of Bass, Drums, Doley on the Hammond and the incredibly rare 70 stringed

Hohner D6 Whammy Clavinet. All the while Lachy’s vocal screams with pain and passion

like a direct extension to his heart.

In The Vines Festival, PEAK Perisher Festival, Echuca Blues, Noosa Jazz, Mitchel Creek

lighting and claps of thunder” HEIDI LEIGH AXTON – Rhythms Magazine

“The Greatest Living Keyboard Player in the world today” GLENN HUGHES (Deep Purple)

The Lachy Doley Group have played over 100 shows and festivals around Australia since

the first release in 2011 including Queenscliff Music Festival, Mojo Burning Festival, Rock

Rock&Blues and were the stand out hit at the Gold Coast’s Blues On Broadbeach Festival

for the last 3 years running.

“If music storms existed on this planet, it might as well be Lachy Doley’s vocals and fiery

instrumental performances you hear pulsating from cloud to cloud amidst flashes of


Recording and performing with Joe Bonamassa for the Betty Davis Songbook Album

Two European tours as the Lachy Doley Group

Recording on Glenn Hughes’s album #RESONATE in Copenhagen

Reaching 1.6 MILLION VIEWS on my Facebook video of USE ME

The Lachy Doley Group playing 2 nights at BB Kings in Memphis

Being headhunted to play on the new version of HIGHWAY STAR with Glenn Hughes,

Steve Vai and Chad Smith

Rocking the main stage at the 2016 Blues on Broadbeach Festival

Reaching #5 on the UK Blues Broadcasters Chart

Reaching #1 on the OZ Blues&Roots Airplay Chart

Reaching #1 on the OZ iTunes Blues Chart

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