Bob Fridzema

Band / Affiliation: King King (ft. Alan Nimmo), Dana Fuchs, session work

Product: XK3C, XK-system Mini-B, vintage Leslie 147, Leslie 860, XK1-C

“The look and feel and most importantly: the sound of the XK gives me the true feeling of playing Hammond organ. I bring it on tour where-ever I go, and it never lets me down”


Bob Fridzema, Hammond XK-5 System from Hammond Europe on Vimeo.


Bob Fridzema, Hammond XK-5 System from Hammond Europe on Vimeo.

Bob Fridzema, born in the Netherlands in 1983, started playing at a young age, on keyboards and piano until the first Hammond was bought at the age of 14.

After graduating the Rotterdam Conservatory in 2007 he released an album with Dutch pop band Rigby for Universal, played all the major festivals and tv- and radioshows in the Netherlands which landed Bob his endorsement with Hammond. A brand he’s been playing on for more then a decade already.

Bob joined the band of Stefan Schill and released his first album internationally under the Provogue label. Their first European tour took them through England and Germany supporting Philip Sayce (USA). Later on Bob joined Dana Fuchs (USA) on big tours in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark and even India.

Currently he is very actively performing with English/Scottish band King King (winner of the Best Band in the British Blues Awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014) all over Europe. The third album is in the make with a big role for the Hammond. A big tour supporting John Mayall’s 80th celebration tour is coming up for late 2014.

Bob has performed or recorded with: Rigby, John F. Klaver, Case Mayfield, Stefan Schill, Dana Fuchs, Eric Steckel, Aynsley Lister, Till Benewitz, Ben Poole and many more.